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4 Minim Shuk

This year, a veritable Shuk has opened for Emek Beracha members to acquire Lulav & Etrog for Sukkot (Oct 13 - 20 -- NB the due date for orders is before that).  

The options include a new route via Fred Zaghi, in addition to the two options available for several years: the local Chabad or through R' Menachem Levine in San Jose.  See all options below.  

Also, please note that all those who Daven Hoshana Rabba at EB on Oct 20 will have Hoshana bundles available that morning in Shul.  There is no need to order separately.

New Option: Fred Zaghi

There are special links for Emek Beracha members to use if ordering via Fred Zaghi -- please order/pay by September 29.
You can choose to specify if you want to pick up the order at SPHDS or at EB. In each venue, choose between two options, standard ($42) or premium ($75).

For pick-up at EB, use these links: STANDARD or PREMIUM
For pick-up at SPHDS, use these links: STANDARD or PREMIUM

Chabad Palo Alto

The local Chabad option is through this link:
Orders will be available for pick up at the Chabad Office, 3070 Louis Rd.

R' Levine - San Jose

R' Levine offers four types/prices:
Chinuch: $45, Good: $65, Mehadrin: $100, Chazon Ish $100 -- please order by Sept 26th, via this FORM

Via, R' Levine, all Esrogim will be without Pitom, unless otherwise requested. (Chazon Ish Esrogim cannot come with Pitom).
All Mehadrin and Chazon Ish Esrogim come with Mehadrin Haddasim and Pre-Checked Boxed Lulavim. The Chinuch and Good come with regular Hadassim and Aravos.

Extra Haddasim cost $12 for Mehadrin Alef Alef, or $10 for Mehadrin or $6 for regular.
Extra Aravos cost $4 per set.
Pre-Checked Mehudar and Mehudar-Plus Badatz Lulavim are $35 or $40 extra. Those from EB ordering through R' Levine will also be able to arrange for pick-up at EB before the Chag.

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