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COVID-19 Update

01/17/2021 06:39:22 PM


Since last March, when Emek Beracha and much of the country shut down in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, many have considered it a question of whenRead more...

Shabbat Vaera - Derasha +

01/15/2021 11:11:39 AM


A note for those Davening at home or in Shul: On Motzai Shabbat, one can already say Kiddush Levana.
There was a point in the Fall in wh

Derasha Shabbat Shemot

01/08/2021 12:53:11 PM


A very early commentator called Shemot “the second book,” which would of course make sense if Vayikra was called the “third” book oRead more...

Derasha Shabbat Vayechi

01/01/2021 02:25:22 PM


Beit Midrash

Beit Midrash this week will be an examination of issues surrounding the pandemic and the vaccine. Is there an obligation to wear a maRead more...
Wed, January 20 2021 7 Shevat 5781