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Shabbat Nachamu - Eikev: Derasha

08/07/2020 04:41:19 PM


Rabbi Feldman's Derasha
I want to share an insight in the Parasha from R’ Shalomi Eldar, who spoke to us via Zoom from Israel last Yom HaZikaron.Read more...

Shabbat Nachamu - Vaetchanan : Derasha +

08/01/2020 09:06:35 PM


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Shavua Tov, Sarah


Shabbat Hazon-Devarim: Derasha & President's message

07/24/2020 06:06:49 PM


President's Message for EB Community
In this week’s parasha, we recap earlier parashot from Bamidbar. This is ironic given that the shelter in plRead more...

Calendar 5781

07/20/2020 09:45:20 AM


It's Calendar Time!
Share your important dates with your friends in the community and support the shul by signing up for a listing in the 5781 EmRead more...
Fri, August 14 2020 24 Av 5780