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Welcome to Congregation Emek Beracha

For over 40 years, Congregation Emek Beracha has welcomed students, business visitors, and tourists to Silicon Valley. Our growing, vibrant Orthodox community of over 135 families creates a warm atmosphere and welcoming environment for people from all backgrounds. Guided by Rabbi Yitzchok Feldman, our Shul is committed to approaching the modern world through the perspective of Halacha, embracing religious Zionism, and growing in Jewish learning and observance.

4 Minim Shuk

This year, a veritable Shuk has opened for Emek Beracha members to acquire Lulav & Etrog for Sukkot (Oct 13 - 20 -- NB the due date for orders is before that).

The options include a new route via Fred Zaghi, in addition to the two options available for several years: the local Chabad or through R' Menachem Levine in San Jose.

See all options HERE.

Gabbai Updates

  • The old database is out of date, and will be retired soon.  Please update your information here if you'd like to continue receiving kibbudim.
  • The EB Cholim list has moved!  Names for the Cholim list can be uploaded here.

For any other gabbai-related issues, please email


Please go to our website ( and log in/register. If you signed up in the old website, it is important you use the same email address.
If you are unable to login or register, please send an email to and we will respond as soon as we can.


Looking for hospitality?

The community is so happy to have you here and we are happy to share our warmth, passion, and great food. If you'll be around and want to share your Shabbat or Yom Tov meals with members of the community, please contact our hospitality committee at

Please note that our hospitality program cannot guarantee availability every week. The number of hosts and visitors varies each time, and we must prioritize those who come for medical or business reasons.  We recommend that you make a "Plan B" for your stay, while we try to match you up with a host. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

For more information please check out our Visitors Section

Wed, September 18 2019 18 Elul 5779