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R' Feldman's Derasha - April 9, 2021

04/09/2021 11:00:36 AM


Derasha - Shabbat Mevarchim - Shmini
The interplay of positive and negative commandments is among the foundations of the Torah’s approach to theRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha+

04/02/2021 05:26:24 PM


-- A mistake slipped into the instruction for the end of the Chag.  The Chometz can be assumed to have reverted back to its owners by 9:15 pm on MotzRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - For Pesach morning

03/26/2021 06:59:37 PM


OK, now what?  The Gemora says that the Egyptians were eager for us to leave in the middle of the night.  We actually left in the morning.  So as wRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - March 19, 2021

03/19/2021 04:28:09 PM


No Chag stimulates muscle memory like Pesach.  No Chag involves as much sustained muscle work, both of the body and the brain.  After many years, thRead more...
Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781