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R' Feldman's Derasha - 11/9/21

11/09/2021 11:09:55 PM


Of all the figures in Bereisheet, the least likely to be thought of as funny is Yitzchok.  The pillar of Avoda, the son who stared at his Read more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - 11/2/21

11/02/2021 12:36:41 PM


The Parasha features a lot of good Torah for Sheva Berachot.  Most people think that means the long story about looking for a wife for YitRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - 10/26/21

10/26/2021 04:17:25 PM


Again, we hear Lech Lecha.  It comes twice in the Chumash, once at the beginning of last week’s Parasha and again at the end here.  AndRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - Shabbat Ki Tavo (Aug 28, 2021)

08/31/2021 01:19:23 PM


Derasha Shabbat Ki Tavo
There is a special Davening of Elul.  The month, which is really a 40-day run-up to Yom Kippur, is called Yemei Ratzon, dRead more...
Sun, November 28 2021 24 Kislev 5782