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Derasha Parshat Emor

05/22/2024 12:00:00 AM


The Parasha begins with an odd repetition of two forms of the verb “Amira” (speaking).  Rashi says that the doubling is to “warn the big about the small” (L’hazhir Gedolim Al HaK’tanim).  That is usually translated as, “to warn the adults about the children,” and it means that adult Kohanim are commanded to convey to their children the special obligations that...Read more...

Busiest Day of The Year

04/21/2024 03:53:08 PM


Tomorrow (Monday, April 22), Erev Pesach, is an intense day of activity.  With the help of R' David Heber of the Star-K in Baltimore,  here  is a list of items to keep in mind.  (Thank you to those who pointed out that the version sent out last week had mistakes.  It is now fully up-to-date for this year.)  

May the next Erev Pesach be the busiest ever, with a new Beit...Read more...

Derasha Parshat Metzora

04/21/2024 12:00:00 AM


On the Halacha side, we like to give practical guidance.  We’ve spoken about restrictions on work during the afternoon on Erev Pesach, and about the amounts needed for Matza and wine at the Seder.  

This year I want to explain one of the most basic questions about Pesach, which is the nature of the prohibition on Chometz.  The practical question is one I get every year: When we are selling...Read more...

Derasha Parshat Pekudei

03/19/2024 12:00:00 AM


We know that there are many parallels between the building of the Mishkan and the story of Creation.  There are language parallels, and hints in the description of the vessels used in the Mishkan.  The interplay between the Mishkan and Shabbat tells us that as well.  Hashem rested from the Creation on the seventh day and we rested from the Mishkan on the seventh day.  In all, there are seven descriptions of the...Read more...

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