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End of Chag Derasha

10/10/2023 05:57:55 PM


We are going to start the Torah again this week.  The commentaries of the Ramban and Rashi disagree on many points.  It’s not a surprise that this pattern begins with even theRead more...

Derasha Shabbat Shmini Atzeret

10/10/2023 05:45:40 PM


It seems like convenience is driving the schedule in a year like this.  There’s no Shabbat in the middle of the Chag, so there’s no place to put Kohelet.  We squeeze it in onRead more...

Derasha First Day of Sukkot

10/05/2023 01:00:35 PM


There seems to be a schizophrenia about the Mitzva of Sukka.  The Mitzva is supposed to give us knowledge about how we dwelled when Hashem took us outRead more...


04/26/2023 01:39:56 PM


The Gemora in Horiot says that Tzara’at is a “Besora,” a portentous piece of news.  Rashi there notes the language of Besora is usually good neRead more...
Wed, November 29 2023 16 Kislev 5784