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The Three Weeks - Bein HaMetzarim

06/25/2021 08:30:41 AM


The Three Weeks--Bein HaMetzarim (June 27-July 18)
Sunday morning, the Fast begins at 4:38 am (a bread meal begins a half hour earlier).  The FastRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - June 18, 2021

06/18/2021 01:58:22 PM


Derasha - Shabbat Chukat
There is only one written Derasha this week as we skipped “Kiddush at home.” This looks like another step toward resumRead more...

R' Feldman's Derasha - June 11, 2021

06/11/2021 01:58:37 PM


Derasha - Shabbat Korach
Success is a great deodorant, says an old adage, and that magnifies the challenge to stand up to a bully.  Korach’s “Read more...

Member Meeting Update + Back to Shul Survey

06/11/2021 09:40:56 AM


Member Meeting Update
At the member meeting, members will be asked to approve minutes from last year's meeting. To review those in advance, please Read more...
Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781